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Most people want success, so we created a universe to give busy people the knowledge and mindset to live the beautiful life they deserve.


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A Letter From Mark Yegge...
Hi. My name is Mark Yegge. It's hard to admit now, but I spent a lot of my life chasing money. I wanted riches. I wanted houses on the water in Florida (that’s where I grew up). I wanted a really fast convertible. I wanted an airplane. The hot girl. All that "stuff." That’s what I wanted. Or so I thought.
You see, we are all “programmed” to some degree and that is how I was programmed.
I thought: once you get the money, THEN you get the happiness.
….and then, it happened!
You see, I worked my butt off for that dream. Sometimes that’s what it takes. It was paying off.
My businesses were making millions. My investments were throwing off tons of cash. I got it all: the houses on the water, the convertible BMW M3, the boat, the airplane, the hot girlfriend…all of it!
Yay me…I’m rich!
“Not so fast,” a voice in my head started to tell me.
Is THIS what it’s all about? C’mon.
Sure, I got cool stuff, but am I truly happy? Am I?
It was at that point that I would sit back and ponder what my favorite moments were. And you know what? It wasn’t the stuff. It wasn’t the boat or the car or the plane.
It was the people, specifically the Magic Moments with people. The moments of laughing with someone until I cried and my stomach hurt so bad I thought I was going to throw up. The deep conversations about real things-that mattered:
  • How was I becoming a better human?

  • What was I learning?

  • How was I growing?

  • How was I helping others?

  • Why are we here?

And then I had one of those life EPIPHANY moments where truth just looks you right in the eye-and you cannot hide from it.
The moment: I looked around me at a Thanksgiving meal with all of the people around that I thought loved me and cared about me, and I thought of all of the people who were my “friends” … and I realized something huge.
You see, along with all of this thinking, I realized that it wasn’t about the money or the stuff or even what people thought about me. I realized that I had a real passion for learning, and traveling and growing and experiencing new things with great people and creating magic moments.
That’s what i truly wanted…in my soul.
And then back to those people. I realized that THEY didn’t or wouldn’t support me in that goal. I knew that if I wanted to capture my dream, I would have to minimize the people in my life who did not support me in getting to that dream.
So I did. I sold everything. All of it. My cars, my boat, my houses, and even my prized possession: my Grand piano. And the hardest part was my fiancee. I had understood that what I wanted was, in the end, not what she wanted. So, we ended an 11 year relationship.
Was it hard at first? You better believe it. But as the days went by, I focused on the possibilities. The future.
And the future is what has now become Light Circle. I am so proud of what we are building here.
So, take a look around. If you like what you see, I am pretty sure that we can help most people create the beautiful life they deserve. Maybe you're next.
Yours truly,

Is something missing in your life?

Are you someone who wants more success? You probably already know what you NEED to do.

So why aren't you doing it?

Everyone needs a support and accountability environment in order to thrive.

The E-s of Light Circle:

  • Education
  • Envronment
  • Empowerment
  • (plus Enlightenment & Entertainment)

You almost can't help but succeed in any area of your life when you are in the right setting.

If You Could Have Any Of These, Which Would You Choose?

The Foundational principles

Pure Relationships:

The quality of our lives is in direct proportion to the quality of our relationships. We seek to gain a deeper understanding of how we can gain deeper connections and better communicate with those closest to us.


Youthful Health:

The hands of time keep ticking. And while we can't stop them, we can slow them down. We strive to stay youthful by playing, meditating, and treating our bodies like a temple. We have only one body, one soul and we have to be with them for our entire lives. Let's treat ourselves with the respect we deserve.

Magical Self-Connection

It is only through the inner-work that we can see results in the real world. If you love yourself, you attract everything you want to your life: success, people, time, dreams and visions. By taking the time to connect with ourselves, to seek out the best person we can become, we achieve our own peace and we can look at the world through a lens of calm, of knowing, of confidence, of joy and happiness.

Balanced Abundance

Our Western world is filled with so much programming: how to live, who to be like, what to achieve, how much money to have. But have we ever taken the time to decide what it is that WE want? We should strive to have abundance in all areas of our lives: our health, our wealth, our relationships. And we must gain the proper balance of abundance on our own terms.

Fulfilling Travel

It is said that you learn most about yourself when you travel. You can experience other cultures, food, nature AND you gain ideas about how to build a better life for yourself. Travel takes you "inside" by experiencing the outside.

Profound Spirituality

We each know that there is something greater than us. Something universal that guides us to be the best person that we can be through our own connection to source (God) or through helping other living beings.

If you want to go fast….go alone.
If you want to go far…go with Light Circle.
Your Tribe Attracts Your Vibe

(and vice-versa)

 If you want success in any area of your life, you MUST surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will support and encourage you in your life. You want people around you who will celebrate your wins, be there for you when you need them, and love you no matter what…. Light Circle is that place for us. Is it for you?

Welcome to Light Circle, an exclusive community dedicated to illuminating lives and fostering deep connections among growth-minded individuals. A nurturing space where we come together to cultivate personal growth, abundant living, and a sense of profound spirituality. Your life massively improves through our foundational principles of Pure Relationships, Youthful Health, Magical Self-Connection, Balanced Abundance, Fulfilling Travel, and Profound Spirituality.



A community of like-minded individuals on a mission together: to become our best selves so that we can be our best with others. We travel together, support each other, celebrate each other's lives, and help each other to become more. Our lives multiply in happiness, joy and fulfillment. We attract only great things into our lives.


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